The Early Bird Catches the Worm

Sometimes it pays off and we catch the worm (whatever it may be) & sometimes we don’t (so we just keep digging). Whether your worm is happiness, success, family or career,  you’re not alone!

I’m a mum of 4 beautiful daughters who are at different stages in their lives – from baby to teenagers and in between, sharing snippet photos in small boxes on Instagram of this very important part of my life, the ups and downs that go along with living as a family of 6.

Not just mum……
I’m also a writer trying to get my work out there whilst taking each knock back or success as it comes. An author in the making. Book complete just on the journey of publishing.

A wife, daughter & friend who loves to travel from the wet island of Britain out to Europe as much as possible, read crime thriller books, watch foreign drama, drink coffee, smell candles & try to be the best I can be so my imprint on this world will mean something one day.

Follow our family on this blog and our photos on Instagram to watch our journey. Attempting to add a generous pinch of happiness into our daily lives. Watch my family grow. And hopefully one day we will catch the worm!

Sarah Surgey