My Christmas Theme

Posted by on Nov 7, 2016 in Blog Posts
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It is that time of year when parents are frantically looking towards Christmas and wondering how we are going to fund it?  But, lost in the madness of shopping, food and decoration lists, that we need to get our heads around, is a small way in which we can bring some of that magic back!



A couple of years ago I decided to theme our Christmas run-ups. I sat down with the girls and we came up with different ideas of how we would like our Christmas to be, and whatever themes we chose, we looked at making decorations and baking within that theme.

Quality family time which is art and baking based and all for the love of Christmas!

So, we have had, A Victorian Themed Christmas, An American-themed Christmas, and A Scandinavian Themed Christmas.


Use the theme for your children to come up with ideas! Make things, bake things or get out a book and learn about that era or destinations traditions!

Out on our walk yesterday in the beautiful forest I was almost wondering about a fairytale theme of Hansel and Gretal or Little Red riding hood?

Take inspiration from where ever you find it and swing into it with both feet……



It can be as extravagant/costly or low key/cheap as you want it to be, as there is no cost in reading about the traditions from another country!

If you do choose a theme go onto Instagram and post about it using the hashtag #mychristmastheme tagging in @the_wormcatcher We can all give each other ideas and inspirations!

Good luck!