Teething necklace

Posted by on Oct 18, 2016 in Blog Posts
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I was asked if I would talk about my first weekend with a teething necklace on the blog after TeddyandMillie kindly sent me one to test. I could review it honestly as to how our experience went.

So, I’m guessing that they have confidence in their products because honestly, it was great.

There is a 9 year plus age gap between Agatha and her other sisters and a lot has changed in the world of baby products. This for us was the first time we had been introduced to teething necklaces.

I was a bit apprehensive as to how safe they were for babies to chew, how logistically it would be to have a baby hanging off your necklace and whether it would actually help.

From my point of view they work.

Firstly, they look stylish! The one I choose from TeddyandMillie was silicon and is pastel grey, pink and amber, so actually the type of necklace I would normally wear.

Secondly, at 5 months old Agatha seems to be fine with holding on to the necklace and every time it came out of her mouth, rather than having to bend down to give it back to her, as with other teethers, she managed to find her way to bringing the beads back up.

Thirdly, the necklace we had seemed to be so secure I didn’t actually question whether the beads could come off.

Lastly, anyone who has a teething baby knows that teethers don’t really cure, the baby doesn’t suddenly stop crying but they help to ease the pain considerably so to be able to do this whilst you are carrying them around on your hips was definitely a huge plus.

We have been opened up into the world of new baby products and these are exciting times!

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