Roots & Wings

Posted by on Oct 10, 2016 in Blog Posts
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I love the quote “the best thing you can give your children is roots and then wings“. I completely stand by it and think it can actually be tailored to each family.

For example, the roots part. We’ve moved with the girls a few times now and I’m sure we will again, so for me ‘Roots’ is the actual parent or the family, not the house because where ever we have lived, we have always made a home for our girls and we have been their constant.

But, the wings part, there is no getting around that! Wings mean let them fly, and you can’t really tailor that to suit.

So, at some point, I have to let them go! I’ve installed in them a wanderlust, I love that! One wants to move to Italy, one to America, one to Denmark and where the baby will end up, who knows?

Life is too short, we all know that and this isn’t a dress rehearsal, so I would be much happier that they were alive and out enjoying life somewhere rather than close to me and not so alive (unhappy, unfulfilled etc)

This is my mantra, so why when this weekend came around, one I have been dreading for some time, why did I struggle?

L e r e t o u r | Glad to have her home safe & well! More on the blog tomorrow about Roots & Wings

Our 9-year-old, who has been my baby for, well, 9 years, went off on her first residential. I wanted to clip her wings not give them to her!

I imagined all the things that could, no, ‘would’ go wrong, how she would need me so desperately, long for me, be upset and much more. But, I guess this world has a funny way of playing out these quotes we like to live by, because, her roots made her wings extra strong and wings doesn’t mean gone, or lost it just means they are living just that little bit more and making up stories to come back and tell you about. And you’ve allowed them to do this, so enjoy the stories and continue to let them fly.

She missed me, she admitted that but grew just that little bit taller!