Mother’s instinct

Posted by on Sep 26, 2016 in Blog Posts
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I wanted to talk a little bit about a realisation I had this week.

As many of you will have seen on Instagram our little dog, Oscar, was rushed into hospital in the week after suddenly throwing up blood. It has been confirmed as Pancreatitis and thankfully he is now home on the long journey of recovery.

I have four daughters and have always felt a mother’s instinct in me. I guess that is what gets us up out of bed in the middle of the night to feed them, on instinct check their nappy to see if their bottom needs changing, make sure they get their milk, hurt when they hurt, celebrate when they succeed and are happy when they are.

When I visualise a mother’s instinct I can see it as a little ball of light inside us, for some it shines more brightly, for others it’s there but has to find it’s way out more and for some it’s still at its very early stages and will grow in time.

But what I didn’t realise is that once you have it, you have it for everything.

Have you ever gone over to someone else’s child and picked them up when they’ve fallen over, ever wanted your child to play with another so that child wasn’t so sad or just hoped that a friends child would do really well in something, as much as you would want your child to?

That’s your mother’s instinct. It’s a light we can’t put it, it’s in us.

So, this week when Oscar was so poorly and it was touch and go I found myself grieving for him as a mother would. Suddenly he became our poorly child and my heart broke at his pain.

I love animals but have never been crazy dog lady so I feel that more than me not wanting to see our animal in pain, my mother’s instinct came out and worked it’s magic!

Nature really is a wonderful thing!

Was there a moment when you truly realised you had your mother’s instinct?



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  1. Aww.. i can totally relate! I think for us moms its natural to feel that way. As for me I get really emotional over little things. Sometimes I find myself crying in the corner watching romantic movies. lol