M.O.I time

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M.O.I time (Mama Only Isolation)

We give our children “punishments” which to us would be a reward, PLEASE can they put us on a 5 minute timeout by ourselves, send us to our rooms to think about our behaviours or even make us have a nap so we can wake up in a better mood…what I wouldn’t give for that one!

Which got me thinking at how precious just 5 minutes to myself would be as all of the above punishments include this.

Let me explain……. some friends and myself were discussing how we all try desperately to get just five minutes to ourselves in a day. Some M.O.I time!

We all love our children dearly but any parent can understand being in demand 24 hours a day. Admit it, at some point over the years of parenting you’ve found yourself trying to get just 5 minutes to yourself by using some flimsy excuse!

Ones that popped up in conversation with us were – going to the toilet and sitting there on your phone for 5 minutes (then flushing), going out to do the dishes but end up phoning someone, heading down to the end of the garden to hang out washing just so that distance is between you, pretending to be doing something “really” important on your computer when really your just checking your emails or browsing the web.

What M.O.I time excuses do you use? How do you try to put yourself in isolation so you can get your head together?

Lets share!