And we’ve landed!

Posted by on Sep 17, 2016 in Blog Posts

Here I am, after the last couple of years of wanting to set up a blog, I’ve finally done it!

Things are at their busiest for me right now so I thought I’d push myself over the edge just that little bit more!

Well actually no not really because family and writing are my two loves so at the moment this feels like an indulgent pleasure.

I’m 36 now and have been a mum since I was 20 (my whole adult life) it’s all I’ve known. I’ve written since I could. I escape through writing  and just love putting those black squiggly shapes onto a white background and seeing what comes out. I tend to write as I go so sometimes it’s jumbled ( apologises now).

Freelancing as a writer for various magazines and interviewing some amazing authors I realised that every time I asked the obligatory question of ” What inspired you to become an author?” I already knew the answer. I didn’t become a writer I just discovered I always was.

So after writing my debut novel “A Presence of Absense” a Nordic/UK crime thriller with a bit of Hans Christian Andersen thrown in, I’m finding myself on the journey to publish with my writing buddy.

With this being my first blog post I wanted to touch a bit on our most recent event. After 15 years of slowly building up a beautiful little team of 3 girlies we decide to add another!

With our youngest just turning 9, she (just a few months later) moved position to become our second middle child. I grieved at this notion but she was so much more content with this shift than I gave her credit for. The dog seemed to be affected far more than her by this new bundle which was brought into the home.

It felt strange at first finding out I was pregnant again because as a family of five we had done so many once in a lifetime experiences together, just us. Thinking we would never get the chance or have the need to do them again.

We moved to France for a while and became closer through this experience together. We travelled around Europe in our clapped out car and a tent, visiting 11 countries. We moved house a few times. Visited The North Pole and met the big man himself. Loved and lost much loved nannies and grandads and even got married, having the girls there to witness it.

And here we were starting all over again. Willingly going back in to sleepless nights, willingly wiping another’s bottom again, teething, injections, less money….. all over again.

But here she is, little Agatha. Loved by all and completing the team.

You can over think things way too much!

She’s here and life can change as much or as little as you want.

When I look at our girls I think of the future when they’re in their 40’s and 30’s, the age gap wont matter between them then and it doesn’t need to now.

Follow us through this exciting time of change and new adventures!

4 thoughts

  1. Cecile


    Love it!
    The design of your blog is great, the way you wrote the post too. Didn’t know so much about you but I can’t wait to learn more about your lovely family!
    Keep going little bird ?
    Hugs from Belgium!

    1. Sarah


      Hi Cecile,

      Merci my instagram good friend! Looking forward to watching Agnes journey too!

  2. Hi from the tiny island in the middle of Norway. 🙂

    Beeing a mother of two teens(15 and 13), a tween(11) and a toddler(1.5) I can relate to what you’re writing. Looking foreward to follow your blog. 🙂

    1. Sarah



      I’ve enjoyed watching your family grow on Instagram! Yes we have similar families with ages, it’s good to be in contact! Thanks for your message